60. Algotrade Lab Overview

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Building an automated algorithmic trading system for the Vietnamese market in Python or C is challenging. Even with a strong background, it can take up to six months for an average  algorithmic trader to build them through APIs.

To bring algorithmic trading closer to investors, we develop ALGOTRADE LAB, a free service that lets you experience algorithmic trading right away even when you don’t know how to program. You can connect your personal securities accounts to our system and set up your own trading preferences. The system will handle the rest automatically, and you can intervene or stop it at any time.

With ALGOTRADE LAB, investors can acquire the following experience:

  • Automatic trading. After successfully setting up API connections, the system will execute your orders based on your setting automatically, unless you opt to intervene or stop the system.

  • Continuous data processing by ticks. The system will adjust your orders according to every price change in the market.

  • Super fast order execution. The system will place your orders much faster than traditional trading methods. In some cases, you can see the price appears in the system before it appears in the market. The system can sometimes order at prices not yet available in the market.

Important Notes

  • The service uses SSI securities JSC’s API. Currently, there are only a few securities companies that provide public APIs for their clients. ALGOTRADE chooses SSI’s API because it’s easily accessible to the majority of investors.

  • Investors need to establish API connections. ALGOTRADE LAB is a tool to support investors to perform transactions on their own accounts through API. Investors set up trading parameters: based on their requirements/wishes. To ensure safety, investors should only deposit sufficient money in the account to open up to 01 futures contract.

  • The algorithm is not expected to make profits. The lab uses the SMA algorithm, detailed in article 61. It’s simple and accessible and the goal is to help investors have a detailed view of the operation of an automated trading algorithm. Note that SMA isn’t guaranteed to make profits. In fact, over the long term, this algorithm on average tends to incur losses.

  • Profits or losses solely belong to investors. During the lab experience, there will be lucky investors who make profits and vice versa. ALGOTRADE LAB hopes that investors will see this result as a result of luck, not the result of the algorithm.

  • Any asset changes in securities accounts are within the scope of investors’ rights and responsibilities. ALGOTRADE will not have any responsibility and liabilities related to investors’ profits or losses.

  • ALGOTRADE LAB uses Python programming language. We choose Python programming language to provide the algorithmic trading experience for investors. The source code is publicly available. Investors will see detailed information processing with each price tick.

  • The service is completely free. ALGOTRADE LAB service is completely free, without any benefits from related parties, including SSI Securities JSC.

Why You Should Try Algorithmic Trading Now

In algorithmic trading, real experience is highly valuable compared to just a theoretical approach. In developed countries, only professional traders or professionals working at investment banks and investment funds have the ability to gain experience in the field. Therefore, this is a good opportunity for investors to gain experience in algorithmic trading. Moreover, investors can adjust algorithm parameters to suit investment preferences. This experience is hard to find in trading software like AmiBroker, MetaTrader, or TradingView.

For investors interested in algorithmic trading, the ALGOTRADE LAB experience will help them find new directions to create their own technical analysis and automated trading systems. They no longer have to rely on third-party software.

For other investors, the experience will help investors understand the market in the near future. When trading on the Vietnamese stock market, they will anticipate how most transactions take place, thereby developing a strategy most suitable for their investment preference.

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