57. Intel Center Overview

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Data plays an important role for algorithmic trading. It helps develop ideas  and test algorithm hypotheses. At ALGOTRADE, we build Intel Center that collects and analyzes data that can improve algorithmic trading performance.

Our first version targets the derivatives market, which attracts over 95% of algorithmic traders. The derivatives market is based on the VN30 index. Our Intel Center provides relevant information on the VN30 stocks, the VN30F futures contracts, and other factors that may benefit the trader’s investment. ALGOTRADE focuses on providing exclusive information that’s not publicly available to give investors a competitive edge.

Intel Center has two main sections, raw data and processed advanced data.

Raw Data

  • Live board: the live board includes VN30-Index stocks and VN30F futures contracts with basic information such as current price, volume, bid/ask prices, and bid/ask volumes.

  • Real-time prices of major global market indices: They include the US 500 Cash, Nikkei 225, Shanghai, Hang Seng, KOSPI, FTSE 100 Futures, DAX Futures, and CAC 40 Futures.

Processed Advanced Data

Our live board tracks the trading activities of foreign investors on VN30 stocks to identify market trends. It includes cumulative trading value together with historical data. Foreign investors’ activities on VN30 are expected to be more informative for the derivatives market than foreign investors’ activities on VN-Index.

Our Intel Center tracks foreign investors’ activities through their real-time holdings of futures contracts. The number of contracts is categorized into 4 types of contracts available in the Vietnamese market. Based on this information and historical comparison, it’s possible to estimate the level of optimism and pessimism of investors in the Vietnamese stock market in the medium term.

In future versions, Intel Center will add more features to support traders, such as:

  • VN30-VIX: an index to measure volatility from VN30.

  • Foreign Activity Tracker: a detailed tracking tool for foreign investors’ ownership in stocks.

In the long term, ALGOTRADE can provide data API to algorithmic traders to access and use this specialized data for their decision making and many other features.